The 74th Annual 57th St. Art Fair VIRTUAL Edition

             In addition to this online gallery, we are also highlighting individual artists via our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Please follow our daily postings at:                                                                                        

A.C. Bell, Ceramics
Alex Grimmer, Mixed Media
Amy Huisinga, Painting
Amy Taylor, Jewelry
A-N-D, Mixed Media
Andryea Natkin, Ceramics
Ayala Naphtali, Jewelry
Bala Thiagarajan, Painting
Barb Mason, Jewelry
Beatriz Ledesma, Jewelry
Beth Houts, Photography
Betsy Giberson, Fiber
Benjamin Calvert, Printmaking
Bill Bartelt, Painting
Bobbie Rafferty, Jewelry
Bradley Cahill, Sculpture
Carolina Niebres, Ceramics
Carl Vogtmann, Photography
Chris Charles, Printmaking
Chris Leung, Ceramics
Christopher Whitaker, Painting
Cynthia Mosedale and William Kaufmann, Ceramics
David Abrahamson, Painting
David Hall, Photography
David Levy, Wood Objects/Hand-Crafted Furniture
David Lory, Wood Objects/Hand-Crafted Furniture
Deborah Kerr, Jewelry
Delores Fortuna, Ceramics
Diane Harty, Fiber
Dora Winchester, Jewelry
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Carolina Niebres, Ceramics

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