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2017 Newcomer Awards

Artist: Robert Franzese

Medium: Photography


The Newcomer Award: Chosen when the judges convene to screen artists wishing to participate in the Fair, the award recognizes outstanding work by newly selected exhibitors. This year, over  artists applied to exhibit; approximately   were invited to attend. The judges screened works from more than  applicants (new applicants as well as prior attendees in categories being screened again), inviting approximately 100 to exhibit for the first time. The winners of this award represent, in the opinion of the judges, the best new applicants for 2017.


2016 Arron Sault, Debra Dembowski & Marc Lamm

2015 Artists:  Michael Imes & Santiago Gutierrez

2014 Artist: Wiwat Kamolpronwijit & Loretta Petraitis

Ruth Kaplan Award
Vi Uretz Fogel Award

Artist:  David Figueroa

Medium: Sculpture



The Vi Fogel Uretz Award: Created to honor the memory of Vi Fogel Uretz, an early supporter of the Fair, this award goes to one outstanding artist in the category of Painting & Drawing and Sculpture. In addition to exhibiting her work for decades, Vi served as the Fair's historian and coordinated the publication of the book honoring the Fair's 50th Anniversary in 1997. An accomplished artist, Vi was selected as the designer of the poster, t-shirt, banner, and other media to promote the 52nd Annual Fair in 1999. Her banners have graced Hyde Park every year since, and serve as a source of energy and inspiration for committee members, artists, and visitors alike.


2016 Artist: Taylor Mazer

2015 Artist: Mark Williams

2014 Artist: Maggie Grier


Nettie Hart Award for Crafts

Artist: Chris Robleski

Medium:  Photography


The Nettie Hart Award for Crafts: Presented in honor of Nettie Hart, a key supporter in the early days of the 57th Street Art Fair. Ms. Hart, a designer with Raymond Loewy, had an artistic eye and brought many needed cosmetic touches to the Fair. She served as chairperson of the steering committee in the early 1950s. Since 1963, to honor her memory and in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the early days of the Fair, this award has been presented annually to one outstanding artist selected from the categories of Jewelry Making, Fiber, Glass, Photography, Leather, Mixed Media or Paper.



2016 Artist: Eric Grimes

2015 Artist: Sarah Chapman

2014 Artist: Casey Hankin


Artist:  Connie Verusio

Medium: Jewelry



The Ruth Kaplan Award is named in honor of the the memory of Ruth Kaplan, a former committee member who loved the fair and had a flair for jewlrey.


2016 Artist Steve Uren

2015 Steven Carlson

2014 Artist: Janie DeCrenso


Honorable Mention

2017: Brianna Martray & Marzena Weber

2016: Kim Caisse

2015 Artist: James Marsh

2014 Artists: Russell Grace. Luke Mosling &

Jo Nelson




2016 People's Choice Award: Glenn Woods

2015 People's Choice Award: Samuel Yao


Mary Louise Wormer Award for Excellence

Artist:  Taylor Mazer

Medium: Drawing



The Mary Louise Womer Award: Presented annually in memory of Mary Louise Womer, founder of the 57th Street Art Fair, this award is given to an outstanding artist in any category. As owner of The Little Gallery, Ms. Womer provided a neighborhood gathering place for local artists. Her initial idea of staging an event where artist could meet, showcase their work, and sell art directly to the community grew into the 57 Street Art Fair.



2016 Artist: James Whitbeck

2015 Artist: Taylor Mazur

2014 Artist: Sarah Vantol


57th Street Art Fair Committee Award 

Artist:  Gina Pannorti

Medium: Fiber



The 57th Street Art Fair Committee Award: Chosen by members of the Steering Committee, the award recognizes one artist for dedication and excellence in their chosen medium. All exhibitors, returning anew, are eligible for this special award. This prize is a significant honor, since it represents the collective opinion of the committee members who work year-round to organize and ensure the continued quality and success of the fair.


2017 Artist: Michael Mikula

2015 Artist: Denny Wainscott

2014 Artist:  Lawrence Oliverson


Katrina Hadley Award for Painting, Sculpture or Photography

Artist:  Malen Pierson

Medium: Sculpture



The Katrina Hadley Award for Painting, Sculpture or Photography: Since the 1960s, this award has been presented to exhibitors who work in the media of photography, sculpture or painting in memory of Katrina Hadley, an early supporter of the Fair. Ms. Hadley was a key committee member for many years who worked tirelessly to provide needed support services.


2016 Artist: Verne Jidong Yan

2015 Artist: Wilson Lee

2014 Artist: William Schuler, Jr.


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