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57th St. Art Fair Art Cash

Give the Gift of Art!

Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? 

Always meaning to squirrel away money throughout the year to purchase art at the 57th St. Art Fair? 

Don't want to carry cash to the art fair but want to purchase art from your favorite artist?

Are you new to collecting art but don't have a big budget?

Bring Art home and Enjoy it every day.


Get in on the bandwagon to purchase 57th St. Art Fair Art Cash.  Give as a gift or save throughout the year for that one special piece of art work to treasure forever. It is a snap to do. Just decide how much you'd like to purchase and hit the "Art Cash" button. Send us a message and we will be in touch. 


Collect One of A Kind Works of Art directly from the talented artist at the annual 57th St. Art Fair! 



Purchase 57th St. Art Fair Art Cash

Drag the Cart button to the  header and link it to your Cart page >>

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